My Advice to Seniors

Ramie Ruble, Editor-in-Chief

Looking back on my senior year, I realize that there are many things I could have done differently.  These things would have saved me a ton of stress.  In the hopes that you will make the best of your senior year, please take my advice and it will (hopefully) make your life easier for the next year.

  • Do your college and scholarship applications over the summer.  Do not put it off.  It is an awesome feeling to know you are done with applications when other people are just turning theirs in. You will also hear back sooner.
  • Get your college essays done over the summer as well.  If you need help, and you are an English 4 AP student, email Mrs. Quick.  She will save your life.
  • Don’t take too many hard classes.  Give yourself at least one easy class or off period.
  • Off periods are heaven.  Use them.
  • Get to know your teachers.  It will make your life easier.
  • Don’t slack off too much.  Remember, first semester actually matters.
  • When you do start to slack off, be smart about it.
  • Make memories with your friends.  Pretty soon, you won’t see them every day.
  • Participate in senior class activities (i.e. senior skip day, senior prank…)
  • Don’t have a dumb senior prank.
  • Cherish your time in high school.  It’s over before you know it.