My Advice to Freshmen

Ramie Ruble, Editor-in-Chief

  • As you enter the halls of Vandegrift on your first day of high school, you are probably going to be pretty scared.  That’s okay.  You are taking a huge step towards your future.
  • You days in high school will not necessarily get easier, but they will get better.  Push through the hard times; they won’t last forever.
  • You will be challenged in high school; rise to those occasions.  Take the AP course.  You will do fine if you study hard and ask questions.
  • It’s okay to fail something, be it a test, quiz, or daily grade.  It will happen to everyone.  You will have bad days and you will have good days.
  • If you have the “mean” teacher, stick it out.  Chances are, they are “mean” because they want you to work for success and not slack off.
  • Embrace your easy classes. They are a blessing.