Bill Nye the “Science Guy” on The Big Bang Theory

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor in Chief

Science is either a hit or a miss for most people. I am not by any means a fan of science. However, in elementary school there was one guy that had me convinced that “science rules”. Bill Nye the Science Guy made science tolerable, fun, even, for me and the rest of my classmates. So when I heard that Bill was going to be on The Big Bang Theory tomorrow, I geeked out a little bit.

With a science degree from Cornell University, Nye can definitely be considered a jack of all trades, with his knowledge of science and his ability to interest an audience by bringing science to life for kids all over the world. Although Nye is done filming TV shows as the “Science Guy”, he hasn’t fallen off the face of television. Along with numerous talk show appearances, Nye starred on the 17th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, alongside dancer Tyne Stecklein.

With his appearance on the Big Bang Theory this Thursday, I am expecting a rush of nostalgia for the days when my classmates and I sang along to his theme song and enjoyed learning about things like the water cycle that, without Nye, could have been more or less miserable. So take a break from your AP biology notes and check out The Big Bang Theory on CBS tomorrow night, and take yourself back to the days of elementary science with the ultimate “Science Guy”.