Former bullying victim speaks out

Isaac Celia, Contributing Writer

My name is Isaac and I am a victim of bullying. I have been through a lot of suffering and pain the last five years. At my previous middle school and high school I was bullied frequently. In that school I was spit on, cussed at, got hit and punched. I almost got in a fight with some kid who started it. And the worst part of it all was I cried every single day and was scared to go to school. In tenth grade it was way worse, all the same things happened to me that happened in ninth grade. But by the beginning of my junior year it got better and that was the best year of my life. More people got to know me and even the students that hadn’t talked to me before started talking to me. I had tons of friends and the teachers knew me. Even the students who had previously bullied me became my friends.

I moved to Vandegrift over the summer because of my dad’s work and I had to say goodbye to my friends at my other school. I have not been bullied at Vandegrift. I have made knew friends and I’m in C Squared.

I like being in C Squared because it’s a culture of kindness and you get to be who you are in there. You can trust people in there to share your feelings. That’s why C Squared is important to me. I wish my old school had a club like C Squared.

I would like to encourage people to get involved in C Squared and be aware of bullying around them.

I would like to leave you with a final thought, “With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).” If you read this quote it will encourage you to be strong and don’t fall down and even if you do you can always get back up.