Throwback Thursday: 5 Things We Learned From “Boy Meets World”

In light of the news that the Disney Channel has made plans to create a “Boy Meets World” spinoff series, it seems that the media is feeling especially nostalgic for what was probably the greatest television show that ever aired. Stories about the new series, “Girl Meets World”, which will feature the original Cory and Topanga and center around the life of their daughter, have all been hinted with reflection on just how fantastic “Boy Meets World” was. So, to keep up with what’s happening in the news, this week’s Throwback Thursday brings to you: Boy Meets World.

From our elementary to middle school years the cast of “Boy Meets World” taught us many valuable lessons. Here’s our Top 5.

  1. Mr. Feeny taught us that you should expect to have the same teacher every year of your life from 6th to 12th grade. Imagine our dismay on the first day of middle school. “Seven different teachers? NONE of these people are my neighbor!”
  2. Cory and Shawn were the first to teach us what a bromance was. And they perfected it.
  3. Of course Cory and Topanga were the most epic love story we had ever seen. They taught us that you will find your soul mate in the sixth grade and live happily ever after, except for that time you “accidentally” kiss Missy Robinson.
  4. Eric taught us that, while older siblings are great for advice and guidance, their primary job is for entertainment. While his role started simply as Cory’s older brother, as the series progressed Eric gradually evolved into the strangest character. Not only does he talk to himself, he calls himself Kyle. He married a moose.
  5. Last but certainly not least, Topanga taught us exactly what a female role model should look like. She taught us that being unique is something to be proud of. She taught us never to be ashamed of who you are. Topanga was probably the most admirable character of the entire series, because she believed that she was perfect exactly the way she was.

Let’s be honest here, TV pretty much went downhill after “Boy Meets World”. Today on Disney Channel we wouldn’t see a single show that even comes close to “Boy Meets World”. So let’s just take a second to be grateful that we grew up with Cory, Shawn and Topanga rather than Disney’s new series, “Dog With A Blog”. Here’s to hoping that Disney can get this spinoff going, because kids today have many valuable lessons to learn.