How to keep Halloween costumes classy

Jenna Mertz, Staff Writer

Halloween only comes around once a year and in the spirit of this holiday, everyone is getting ready to dress up and have a good time.

“Halloween is a time to have fun, and be someone you aren’t for a day. It’s an exciting holiday, plus there is candy, which is always nice to have around,” said engineering teacher Mr. Ritter.

Through the years, this holiday has been known for the candy, the haunted houses and the costumes. From the Kit Kat bars to the superhero costumes, Halloween is a great holiday to have fun with family and friends. When we were younger, our parents helped us pick out our costumes. You could have been anything you wanted to be – whether it was a lion or a tiger or a Disney princess, you were just excited to have a costume and go out for free candy. Now, the kids have turned into teenagers and adults who still get dressed up, but sometimes miss dressing half of themselves.

Men’s costumes are very simple and to the point. They get a top, a bottom, and any extra accessories they need to go along with the costume. Women’s costumes, on the other hand, are not as black and white; women have the issue of either showing not enough or showing too much.

“If a girl dresses in a way that is not appropriate for school, they should not wear it. It could offend people, and it is also completely inappropriate. If one girl could wear one costume and make it look really good, another girl could wear that same costume and make it look not so good,” Registrar Mrs. Stitch said.

If one feels that a costume is too risky for school or any event they are attending, then it probably is. If you hear that little voice in the back of your head saying “your mother would never approve of this,” then don’t waste fifty to eighty dollars of your hard earned money on a costume that you will only be wearing once.

School events are also something that a student has to keep in mind when buying a costume. Next week, we will have a Homecoming week theme day where students can wear their Halloween costumes to school.

“Halloween is a time to have fun, and express yourself, if students want to dress up in their costumes to school on the spirit day, they should be able to. So what if it costs a lot of money? Show it off, and have fun, “ senior Alexandria Rivera said.

But at the same time, students need to keep in mind the guidelines in place in a school environment.

“Student’s – girls or boys – need to wear appropriate costumes when it is the theme day. If it is questionable, they should not wear it until after school or not even at all,” Mrs. Stitch said.

Girls need to remember that when wearing their costumes to school, it is still just like a regular school day, where they can get dress coded if it is too short, shows too much on top or if it is inappropriate in general.

“It is not OK for girls to wear their costumes to school on the theme day because some girls might take it too over the top and wear their costumes in a way that is extremely inappropriate,” sophomore Michelle Hoang said.

Our school dress code motto this year is to “keep it classy,” and with Halloween costumes, that is a must do when you dress up at school. The same rules should apply outside of school when you’re going to a costume party or trick-or-treating (if you’re still doing that at this age – check out our opinion pieces on that topic). Either way, keep it classy. Don’t be like Snooki and dress inappropriately; dress to impress, not to give people the wrong impression.