Senior talks about senior year coming to an end

Shivaali Vibarajan, Staff Reporter

Senior Anaya Ubha talks about graduation nearing and her thoughts about starting college in the upcoming fall.

How do you feel about your senior year coming to an end and graduation nearing?

I feel very excited to graduate because there are a lot of new things that are going to happen, but I feel a little sad that I’m leaving my friends behind. However, I’m ready for the next part of my life to begin.

Where are you planning to commit, and what major are you going into?

I’ve committed to the University of Houston, and I am majoring in biomedical sciences.

What does going to college mean for you and your future?

I’m excited to go to college because it’s a stepping stone for me to pursue my future career goals, which is becoming a physician. I plan to go to medical school, so this all a means for me to get to the dream I have for myself.

What was an experience you had in your senior year that you will never forget?

Something I will never forget is going to the football games with my friends. Cheering with my friends and just spending time with my friends in the environment was very memorable.

What is a piece of advice you would like to give to the rising and future seniors?

I would say to make sure to enjoy your senior year, and spend time with your close friends. Also, try to make plenty of memories that you would never forget.