STUCO prepares to host prom


This year’s theme, Enchanted, takes inspiration from fairytale forests. Guests are invited to dress to fit the theme.

Isabel Young, Editor

This year, prom will be held Saturday, May 13 at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Nominations for Prom King and Queen have opened and can be submitted through this form on the VHS website.

“This is a very busy time for us,” STUCO president Riya Yarlagadda said. “These last few weeks of school, especially with AP testing and everything, we’re just focusing everything into making sure people are able to have an amazing experience.”

The theme, Enchanted, was voted on before Spring Break by upperclassmen. Yarlagadda explained that STUCO has been designing decor around imagery of an enchanted forest, which will include photo backdrops and custom-made arches.

“We’re doing a lot for the theme this year because we’re super excited about it,” Yarlagadda said. “We’re putting together little party favors and centerpieces, and we still have a ton of props and decor to come in. I don’t want to spoil too much, but everything looks great so far.”

In addition to voting for King and Queen, students are invited to submit photos of their high school experience for a senior tribute that the prom council is putting together.

“We want people to feel like they’re involved in the process,” vice president Mazie Heidger said. “Everyone should definitely contribute any photos they have for the senior tribute and make sure to vote for prom court.”

Although Enchanted shares few similarities with last year’s Las Vegas theme, seniors will recognize one particularly popular activity from their junior year.

“We’re still going to have that casino at the back, because it was such a big hit,” Yarlagadda said. “It’s a huge space in the ballroom, so we’re trying to fill it up more this year with more photo decorations so people have activities to do with their friends.”

Prom is organized each year by STUCO and the council that they organize. Those who are looking to help out or gain last-minute service hours can still volunteer to help with preparations. Details can be found on the @vandystuco Instagram page.

“The prom council is huge, so it can definitely get a little messy trying to organize and delegate tasks to everyone,” Heidger said. “But I’m really proud of how we’re all working together, and I think this year is going to be really fun.”

Not only is prom an upcoming event, but STUCO is also organizing the annual Senior Sunrise, which will be held the final week of school. Further details on senior activities will be released soon.

“All of these end of year events are really important traditions, especially for seniors,” Yarlagadda said. “I know that as a senior myself, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone have a great time.”