Sophomore makes first trip to Relay for Life

Julia Bychowski, Editor

An anonymous sophomore gave her perspective on Relay for Life.

What was your favorite part of relay for life?

“Watching Roberto [Fernandez’s] performance. Just watching Roberto sing and dance with his backup dancers and cheering on for my Legacy friends who were dancing.”

How do you feel this event helps people in the community?

“I think it helps people in this community by raising awareness and [by] really reminding about how people may struggle from cancer in their family, or people they know and how it affects them. So we can really remember those people.”

What’s something you feel could be improved upon?

“I think it’d be nice if we had more organized activities or things for people to do because a lot of people felt a little bored, and I hear it ended by 12 instead of two like it was supposed to.”

What are three words you would use to describe relay for life and why?

“Maybe fun, friends and touching or sentimental.”

Why did you go to relay for life?

“I went there because I heard it was a lot of fun last year. I wanted to experience it too.”