NEWS: Branches of books: Austin Public Library plan includes library in Four Points


Cesar Garza from

The Austin Public Library branch in down town Austin features thousands of books and small spaces for community learning opportunities.

Yness Martinez, Editor

In late March, Austin Public Library announced its plan for a large-scale upgrade of its libraries as well as new branches. This would include a new branch in the Four Points area.

The blueprint was voted on by thousands of Austinites and finally adopted by the Austin City Council earlier this year.

I did not know about the new library plan,” Senior Sierra Allen said. “it’s nice that they’re trying to expand and make libraries more accessible with resources and location.”

In 2022 Allen read about 30 books throughout the whole year. She’s excited that the library will make books more accessible to the community year-round.

“It’s just more lenient time wise and usually there are less limitations on what can be there,” Allen said. “Since I know the school library is limited by the school district on what it can provide.” 

The main issue facing APL is their need for more space. As the austin community grows the libraries can’t accommodate the need for common community centers and meeting spaces with their current floor plans. The new blueprint discloses funds to revamp existing libraries as well to incorporate more learning spaces indoors and outdoors for the surrounding neighborhoods to use for a variety of activities. 

Proposed area of new Four Points area branch. (City of Austin)

“This will open up opportunities for kids and adults on the weekends or during summer break,” Allen said. “It’ll be a good community learning place for all ages.”