Lit Crit team wins district academic meet, 17 students qualify for region


Led by junior Gabi Probst, the Literary Criticism team won the district title at the District 25-6A UIL Academic Meet. Probst placed first, junior Lucy Draper second, junior Gage Gruett sixth, and senior Abby Lincks additionally qualified for the region meet at UTSA on Saturday, April 22 with the team.

Senior Nihar Janga won the district title in Science and Chemistry, specifically, while senior Benyamin Zilber placed first in Biology and sixth overall in Science. The Science team also qualified for the region meet as the second place wild card team, which additionally includes sophomore Ninaad Nair and junior Paige Radloff.

Other wildcard second place teams that qualified for the region meet include Mathematics (Ryan Chin, Ninaad Nair, Ayush Singh, Jason Kim) and Social Studies (Selena Xu, Isabela Iglesias, Lourdes Hernandez Peraza).

The top three finishers in each competition automatically qualify for the region meet, while fourth place finishers will act as alternates. Teams finishing second are also alternates if not the wild card qualifier. Wild car teams had the highest score amongst runner ups in the Region IV.

Regional Qualifiers (17 students): Nihar Janga in Science and Chemistry, first place; Benyamin Zilber in Biology, first place; Gabi Probst in Literary Criticism, first place; Lucy Draper in Literary Criticism, second place; Grant Royer in Accounting, second place; Isabel Young in Editorial Writing and Copy Editing, thiird place; Dayna Ung in Headline Writing, third place; Ryan Chin in Mathematics, third place

Teams Qualified:

1st Literary Criticism – Gabi Probst, Lucy Draper, Gage Gruett, Abby Lincks
2nd Science – Benyamin Zilber, Nihar Janga, Ninaad Nair, Paige Radloff
2nd Mathematics – Ryan Chin, Ninaad Nair, Ayush Singh, Jason Kim
2nd Social Studies – Selena Xu, Isabela Iglesias, Lourdes Hernandez Peraza
All District Results:
News Writing

4th Mary Bahrami+
6th Abby Lincks
Number Sense

5th Jason Kim
Feature Writing
4th Abby Lincks+
5th Yness Martinez
Editorial Writing
3rd Isabel Young*
Headline Writing
3rd Dayna Ung*
Copy Editing
3rd Isabel Young*
Poetry Interpretation

5th Cynthia Chen
2nd Grant Royer*
1st Nihar Janga*, 1st Chemistry
6th Benyamin Zilber*, 1st Biology
3rd Ryan Chin*
4th Ninaad Nair+
Social Studies
4th Selena Xu+
5th Isabela Iglesias
Computer Science
5th Ayush Singh
Literary Criticism
1st Gabi Probst*
2nd Lucy Draper*
6th Gage Gruett
*Regional Qualifier
+Regional Alternate