Waiting for winter: Students await holiday festivities


Ankita Rajesh

Ankita Rajesh decorates her house for Christmas with her family.

Seiya Mutreja, Editor

As tinsel dons treetops and the aroma of fresh-baked gingerbread fills the air, the festive season comes to a start. With houses lighting up at night, carolers singing from door to door, and hot c

ocoa movie nights, students look forward to the start of December every year.

“Christmas celebrations should start after Thanksgiving at the earliest,” junior Ankita Rajesh said. “Anything earlier should be illegal: I don’t want to hear Mariah Carey until the end of November.”

Sophomore Isabella Fernandes agrees that the festivities should start in December. To Fernandes, the holidays are synonymous with family time.

“Celebrations should start in the first week of December,” Fernandes said. “It’s a time I look forward to because we decorate the house and the tree and spend time together as a family.”

Rajesh is no exception to the spirit of togetherness that the season brings. Her favorite memories of the season are ones with family.

“I was able to go to India during Christmas one year,” Rajesh said. “My uncle and his kids were able to make it, and I got to meet my new baby cousin for the first time after not seeing his family for years!”

With relatives who also live abroad, Fernandes looks forward to meeting her family this vacation. 

“My grandma is coming home from England this winter break,” Fernandes said. “I am excited to be able to celebrate with her.”

With a vacation planned outside of Texas, Rajesh looks forward to this season more than ever.

“[I am] not a fan of winter weather in Texas,” Rajesh said. “You can’t really do anything wintery during winter break if you stay here. There’s no snow, just ice, and the roads freeze over easily, so you can’t go anywhere.”

Still, Rajesh regularly enjoys the holidays at home with her family. Similarly, Fernandes has many traditions for Christmas at home.

“There are lots of things we do during the festive season,” Fernandes said. “From decorating cookies and watching Christmas movies to secret Santa — there is so much to look forward to. The worst thing about winter break is that we have to go back to school.”

To Rajesh, a break from school is one of the best things about the season. As a junior, with the stress of the SAT and AP exams, she counts down the days to the holidays.

“The best thing about winter break is not having school and having a chance to recover,” Rajesh said. “You need that before heading back into the chaos.”

Rajesh and Fernandes both see the season as one of their favorites. 

“I don’t think Christmas is overrated at all,” Fernandes said. “The whole season is full of cheer and joy. I look forward to it every year.”