Royalty on the field

Homecoming court campaigns come to a close


Kaya Kinsey

The nominees joined together after the homecoming king and queen are announced.

Shivaali Vibarajan and Sarah McKelvy

The sound of cowbells brightly jingling fills the hallways. Waves of students covered in ribbons and lace excitedly talk about the potential winners of the homecoming court. A hush falls over the crowd as the PA system turns on, announcing the nominees. 

“I was pretty excited when I heard I made the court,” Homecoming king nominee Koustubh Glalagali said. “I was also a little bit nervous because that meant I was going to have to walk on the field and I didn’t wanna trip.”

Being selected to represent your grade on the court is a competitive event that heavily relies on support from the student body. Many competitors campaigned for themselves with a variety of methods ranging from online platforms to conversations.

“Instagram was the primary source of advertising,” junior prince James Penver said. “We also used different whiteboards and small social interactions with our friends to help as well.”

Students are often inspired by friends who ran on the court in the past and decide to follow in their footsteps and run as well.

“Last year, Nick Sacasa, the drum captain, was homecoming king and I thought it would be funny to keep having drumline members on the homecoming court,” junior princess Sara Bustami said.

The nominees prepared for the homecoming game with support from their friends and family, along with planning their apparel accordingly. 

“My friends have been very supportive after I found out I made it to court,” sophomore prince Caleb Luong said. “I also went shopping last week for my suit and color coordinated with Marissa, so it’s gonna be pretty cool.”

This past Friday at the homecoming football game, Koustubh and Juliana were announced homecoming king and queen. Additionally, the nominees have some advice for future homecoming courts in order to have a good experience during homecoming week. 

“I say to just enjoy it. It’s something that should just be fun and a celebration of Viper spirit with your friends,” homecoming queen nominee Vanessa Rubio said. “Also, make sure that you have the time to go say hi to your family and friends that are there, because they’re also the reason that you’re on that court, especially your friends.”