Sophomore founds Film Club


Ava Vanna

Film Club holds meetings twice a month in preparation for creating their own short film.

Isabel Young, Editor

After noticing a gap in the long list of clubs at Vandegrift, sophomore Ava Vanna created the new VHS Film Club. The club meets twice a month in Ms. Russell’s room and meeting topics span from discussion of films to plans to direct a short film.

“Last year, I had an idea to make a short film, and I didn’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off of,” Vanna said. “I’m hoping that this is going to encourage people to join in, and we can create something really cool.”

After high school, Vanna plans to pursue a career in film, hoping to become a director. Her favorite films include Girl, Interrupted and Moulin Rouge.

“I’m still figuring out my directing style,” Vanna said. “If I could have directed any movie, it would be The Godfather. I love the way it’s made, and I feel like I could put my own twist on that movie.”

Last year, Vanna created a short film to compete in the Austin Film Festival, which she is currently awaiting results from.

“We don’t know what we want to do for this year’s film yet,” Vanna said. “In our first few meetings, we’ve definitely said that we’re leaning toward horror, but we’re still figuring it out.”

She recommends joining the club to anyone remotely interested in the process of filmmaking, regardless of experience. For their short film, the club is looking to recruit people to work on both sides of the camera.

“It’s only 40 minutes twice a month, but it’s definitely worth it,” Vanna said. “The community and the experience we’re getting is really valuable. If you’re on the fence, definitely come drop in to see if you like it.”

Film Club isn’t only for students taking AV, Vanna emphasizes. For anyone interested in the film industry but who can’t commit to the AV courseload, this club is a perfect option.

“It’s such a wonderful experience so far,” Vanna said. “With all the equipment and resources we have at school, this is going to be a great year for the club. We’re going to produce something really great.”