Vision and Legacies hold auditions for 2022-2023 team


Arabella Villarroel

Current Vision members after completing their first round of auditions

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

Nervous, but feeling that adrenaline rush, the candidates walked out onto their designated spot. They waited for the music to come on. 5,6,7,8— and the audition had begun.

On December 7th, all candidates for Legacies and Vision auditioned for the 2022-2023 team. The auditions were held in the dance gym running from 4:30 until late into the evening.

“I was pretty nervous, this team has become such a family and I couldn’t imagine a life without it,” freshman Elizabeth Jackson said. “I’ve made so many incredible lifelong bonds with some amazing people.”

All candidates had to learn a one minute contemporary piece and a one minute jazz piece in the span of two days. 

“Learning the pieces was hard,” sophomore Mary McRorie said. “It was stressful to remember two dances, especially because they were both very different from each other.”

They had two audition workshop days on December 1st and 2nd, and had mock auditions on December 6th. 

“I loved mock auditions! It gave us a chance to prepare ourselves and cheer everyone on while they performed,” Jackson said. ”It also was really nice to get feedback from the current Vision seniors, who were looking to help us improve.” 

The audition consisted of a technique section where the candidates did both their left and right splits. And for the Legacies candidates, they had a high kick portion. 

“The high kick portion was my favorite,” McRorie said. “It’s personally my strongest genre of dance.”

Then all candidates executed an across the floor section consisting of pirouettes and leaps on both their left and right side.

“For across the floor for the most part it’s with your group, but for a few moments you can be on the floor dancing as an individual,” Jackson said. “Which can be really nerve racking because all the judges eyes are focused on you and you alone, and you just wanna make sure you’re showing them the best version of yourself.

Finally they finished their audition by performing both of the pieces they had learned. 

“After auditions we went back into the holding room, which was nice having people come up and support you,” Jackson said. “Even if you had a bad run, they encouraged you and made you feel amazing.”

Results were posted that evening, at 11 pm, after auditions had concluded.

“Waiting for the results was extremely stressful, I couldn’t stop refreshing the page to see if results had been posted,” McRorie said. “I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it, I was too excited. It was one of the most rewarding moments ever.”

Those who made the cut are extremely excited for this upcoming year.

“I’m excited to perform high kicks at the football games,” McRorie said. “I’m also excited to be on the team with some of my good friends, and the uniform.”