Future Bear commits to Baylor Golf

Senior commits to play golf at Baylor, continues family tradition


Taylor Chronert

Karissa Gonzales, Staff Reporter

He was waiting his whole life for this moment; hours spent dedicated to golf, school and God. Would he be accepted? Would he get a spot on the team? 

Senior Sam Dossey has decided to play golf at Baylor University next year. He committed right after his sophomore year, but found out he was accepted a few weeks ago. In doing so, he will continue a tradition of Dosseys attending Baylor. He committed right after his sophomore year, but found out he was accepted into Baylor a couple of weeks later. 

“I was very relieved to finally be able to commit to Baylor and sign my National Letter of Intent because everything I worked for paid off,” Dossey said. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid, so to finally be able to commit and to have that weight off my shoulders is a big deal.”

Dossey is part of the fifth generation in his family to attend Baylor, and he said he’s happy to keep the tradition flowing. 

“I love the fact that I get to carry on the family legacy and attend Baylor,” Dossey said. “I have such amazing family members that have attended Baylor, and to be able to say I went to the same school as them is such a blessing.”

Dossey has loved Baylor from a very young age, and it’s always been his dream to attend as long as he remembers. 

“To be given the opportunity to go there, there was no way I would miss out on it,” Dossey said. “We like to joke that it was my dream school coming out of the womb because I’ve wanted to go to Baylor for as long as I can remember and no other school has popped into my mind.” 

Dossey’s inspirations include his religious beliefs and his family, specifically his two older brothers. However, his inspirations are his two older brothers.

“Both Cooper and Luke have pushed me every single day, and that’s who I want to be like when I grow up,” Dossey said. “It just takes a lot of hard work at this point and a lot of playing with my brothers and competing.”

Dossey believes that dedication to the sport and a commitment to bettering your skill is vital to honing your skills. 

“Just go play as many tournaments as you can,” Dossey said. “It doesn’t matter what place you finish as long as you get competitive rounds in. You get better every single time.”

Dossey’s goal in college is to play as many tournaments as possible and become a part of the All Americans, which is a hypothetical American sports team composed of outstanding amateur players.

“After college, I really want to go play professional golf and make a living playing golf,” Dossey said. “If that’s not the plan God has for me then I’m excited for whatever is to come after college.”