Sophomore advances to state science fair


Submitted by Arnav Bagad

Bagad’s science fair project tackles gun violence and school shootings.

Isabel Young, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Arnav Bagad has advanced to the state level of the Texas State Science Fair. Judging for the state level was in late March, and the results have yet to be released.

“It was an amazing feeling to get through to state,” Bagad said. “I remember finding out, and I was so excited. I couldn’t believe it.”

Bagad’s project tackles gun violence, and aims to develop technology that can locate a shooter based on the sound of gunshots. It uses a computer program that in the event of an active shooting, can track the shooter’s location and provide it for the authorities.

“School shootings are a major issue in the US,” Bagad said. “I chose this as my project because I want to help prevent lives from being lost to gun violence.”

The science fair took place over several rounds of judging. Participants made it past their school competitions first, and then through regional up to the state level.

“My favorite part of the process was definitely seeing it all come together and work,” Bagad said. “It was kind of an amazing moment when everything ran smoothly and I knew the work I put into it had paid off.”

COVID restrictions posed a challenge to this years’ competitors in the science fair. In a normal year, they would present their projects in person, but for this competition, presentations took place over Zoom. 

“This is my first time competing, so I don’t have much to compare it to,” Bagad said. “I do wish we’d been in person, but honestly, even virtually, it’s been a great experience.”

Bagad hopes that his project will make an impact not only on the science fair judges, but on the rest of the country. He says that to him, projects like this to combat gun violence are essential.

“I do have high hopes for the outcome of the fair,” Bagad said. “But more than that, I hope that I can learn from this project and go forward to help people with whatever I decide to work on next.”