Clubs prepare for upcoming homecoming parade


Priya Gregerson

Members of PALS work together to put up their float.

Priya Gregerson , Staff Reporter

Football, swim, FFA, theater, PALS and many other organizations all have one thing in common today. Multiple teams and organizations are participating in this afternoon’s parade to kick off the Homecoming festivities. The parade route, lined with community members and future Vipers, wraps through the parking lots before making its way to the stadium. 

“The last time I went to the Homecoming parade was in middle school,” junior Skylar Joseph said. “This year I really wanted to be involved because I remember how fun it was in the past and the fact that this year I’ll actually be a part of the parade is amazing.”

Since the theme of Homecoming this year is “Cloud Nine,” organizations creating floats took that into consideration when coming up with theme ideas. PALS chose the theme from the Disney Pixar movie “UP,” not just to correlate to the theme of Homecoming, but to have a deeper meaning correlating to PALS.

“The old man from the movie, Carl, didn’t really have anybody to spend time with and was living a lonely life,” Joseph said. “When he met the little kid, Russell, he had this special bond. It just goes to show that friendship can really lift someone up and could even change their life forever.”

Although Joseph is in PALS, she is also in FCCLA and will be starring as Wendy from Peter Pan on the float. Officers in FCCLA including senior Yasmine Ahmed worked together to create the Neverland themed float that will be unveiled at the parade.

“I think everyone in our community should come to the parade because a lot of people think that school related events like the football games or parade, are just boring or uncool,” Ahmed said. “But, they’re actually a really fun way to meet people. Attending events like the parade can give you a better sense of our community and makes you more proud to be a part of it no matter who you are.”

After weeks and weeks of preparation, these clubs and organizations will finally have the long awaited opportunity to show off what they’re all about in an exciting and wonderful way that anybody, especially young children, will delight in.

“As someone living in Steiner Ranch, sometimes we forget that we live in such a wonderful community,” Joseph said. “Everyone’s invited to take apart in our high school’s traditions.”


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