UIL theatre attends clinic in preparation for competition


Celeste Schneider

The cast and crew of “Johnny Belinda” smiles as they come back from the clinic.

UIL theatre students attended their third clinic yesterday at Leander High School. The show will be showcased in the PAC on March 7 and 8.

“I’m excited,” junior and lead Samantha Kellogg said. “I really like the show, I think it’s got a good shot. At this point, [we’re just working on] tiny technical things, like scene changes and articulation, stuff that makes the show really come together.”

The students are working on perfecting their show to perform at UIL zone on March 12. At the clinics, the cast and crew get judged as they would at zone. They improve the show with the criticism in mind, trying to make their show the most competitive for their competitions.

“UIL theatre is a really special thing,” director Celeste Schneider said. “There’s a whole entire rule book that you have to follow, so that limits you. But the fun part is being creative within those limits and having to push those limits. ”

To prepare herself, Kellogg has taken time to try to understand her character, Belinda. She takes apart the script to analyze Belinda’s motivations and make her more comfortable in the role.

“I think [Belinda]’s a very interesting person because she’s somebody who’s never had exposure to language but picks it up very quickly,” Kellogg said. “She’s very curious. She wants to know a lot, and she matures a lot throughout the show.”

Stage manager Kelsey Woodrom said her favorite part about the show is that it is different from the usual historical plays the department does, and it is something she’s never seen before. Woodrom said she is proud of the entire cast and crew.

“I just feel at home,” Woodrom said. “It’s a group effort. Everything we do, we do as a team. We work together and we just come and we all help each other. It’s not just one person on their own, it’s us as a community and a family.”