Student Council hosts first Christmas door decorating contest

Ms. Kuklinski Winner for Best Overall

Peyton Klam, Staff Reporter

The past two weeks teachers, with the help of their students, have decorated their doors for the first ever door decorating contest hosted by student council.

“I think this contest was a great idea,” senior Aurod Ounsinegad said. “It brought out the Christmas spirit from everyone and really gave everybody the joy they needed.”

The contest winners were announced during PIT. The winners were Matthew Roumelis (Funniest), Mima Nazarene (Most Holiday Spirit), Jen Greenstreet (Most Creative), Alyssa Kuklinski (Best Overall).

“I am so very happy and proud of my kids,” ESL teacher Mima Nazarene said. “They put in so much work, they really put their heart and soul into decorating that door and I was there to guide them.”

The student council officers judged the contest this morning before school. The executive board picked the best overall door, the juniors and seniors picked the most creative door, the sophomores picked the door with the most holiday spirit and the freshman picked the funniest door.

“It was really awesome getting to walk around the school and see all the holiday spirit,” senior StuCo judge Mason Wong said. “Since I was judging the best overall door, I looked for which doors had been able to incorporate their class curriculum with some holiday spirit.”

First year StuCo sponsor Madi Houston brought the idea to the club after her previous school, Vista Ridge, held an annual door decorating contest.

“I am very pleased with the turnout,” Houston said. “I did not expect that many teachers to sign up, I definitely plan to continue this contest in the future years.”

Almost 80 faculty members signed up and participated in the contest.

“This contest was awesome,” senior Connor Roth said. “It gives the school such a vibrant look and just makes everyone in a better mood for the holidays.”

Students played a big role in the decoration of the doors. Many students helped decorate their teachers doors.

“I helped decorate Coach Southall’s door,” junior Jules Mokry said. “I enjoyed making it with my teammates and getting into the Christmas spirit.”

Many teachers plan to continue decorating their doors in the future.

“It was really fun, I decorated my door as a Christmas minion because I love minions,” algebra teacher Lynn O’Donnell said. “I will definitely be decorating my door again for the next contest.”