Canned food drive open until Dec. 19


Lela Coker

Students donate to the FCCLA canned food drive box.

Delilah Woods, Staff Reporter

The annual canned food drive is open to donations right outside the library. Students are able to donate non-perishable foods such as canned low sodium vegetables, non-fat dry milk powder, whole wheat cereal or any other canned or dry packaged food. The opportunity to donate will end on the Dec. 19, so there are still two weeks to contribute.

“It is the same time every year,” Coach Ellis said. “This year we have more organizations than ever helping.”

This will be the seventh year that Vandegrift hosts a canned food drive. Every year a teacher sponsors the food drive, and this semester of 2018 the canned food drive will be sponsored by the boy’s basketball coach, Cliff Ellis. Once all food has been gathered on Dec. 19, Capital Area Food Bank will come with trucks to collect the food from both Vandegrift and Four Points Middle School.

“It’s important to help out those less fortunate than us,” National Honor Society member Kyle Leggs said. “If we strive to help others we can change that image and leave a better impact on the world.”

NHS has been helping with the Canned Food Drive duties. Things, like tallying the items in each donation box and organizing items, are a part of the National Honor Society’s contribution to the Canned Food Drive. Most years, Leggs participated in the food drive

“I like making other people feel good,” Legg said. “I also don’t need as much as I have.”

The community has viewed this food drive donation as a way to lend a helping hand to those in need. Therefore at the end of Dec. 19, the club or organization that has donated the most will be given recognition and be rewarded, like a full circle opportunity to give back.

“It is a way to provide meals for people in need,” Coach Ellis said. “[It] speaks to Matthew Vandegrift’s spirit by serving others.”