Gaming Gone Wild

Hallie Locke , Social Media

The Gaming Club started by seniors Kenneth Foster and Joseph Steppeck held its first meeting today during PIT. This club gives students a space to interact with other students that have the same likes and interests in video games as they do.

“Last year there was a Super Smash Brothers Club started and it’s me and my friends’ favorite video game, so we decided to join up and later became regular members.” senior Kenneth Foster said.

One thing that the seniors wanted to change this year about the club was to make it more than just Super Smash Bros. They wanted to make it gaming all around.

“Joseph and I supplied a lot of the software, all of the equipment, and then it just started to blow up,” Foster said.

In Gaming Club, members can play a variety of different games with different types of gaming outlets and can use the gaming devices brought from either from home or other club members’ consoles.

“We play all kinds of games,” Foster said. “We have Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and lots of other Mario games. Soon we will be getting other shooter games, like Overwatch, and other games like that. People can also bring their own devices, like DSs, so they can play their own games, like Pokemon.”

The club meets every Friday in club sponsor’s Jonathan Alonso theatre room.

“I think this club is a way of building community,” Alonso said. “A lot of different people come and there are people with different interests that aren’t mainstream. This club allows them to meet people who are themselves and enjoy stuff like video games.