Students start democratic club to raise awareness


VHS Democrats is a new club that started this school year. The club is hoping to bring in more members to discuss important issues.

“Our goal is increasing education and awareness of the state of politics in Texas and our national government,” senior Elly Mustafa said. “Support and awareness is the main goal, but right now we’re trying to get our numbers up so we can get speakers to come, like the mayor or a chairperson.”

President Isabelle Petersen started the club to encourage other students to have a voice in politics.

“I would like to promote political advocacy here in Vandegrift,” Petersen said. “I’d like students to speak up about certain issues that are important to the community.”

The club discusses topics that include health care, taxes, and education. Members break out into smaller groups to discuss issues in depth.

“We have a big discussion at first, we present an idea, and then in order for our club to kind of start looking at bipartisan views to try to pick out things and not just stick to one side only,” Petersen said. “We split them up and have them focus on the issue from different sides to have them try to reach a coherent conclusion.”

VHS Democrats is open to any student wishing to meet other students with similar political views. Current members are making posters to promote the club.

“I like that the people who come here aren’t just moderately interested,” Mustafa said. “They’re super into what they’re doing and they have a lot of passion for it.”