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Vandegrift Voice

Student Zach Wong becomes Boys State representative

Ashley Chase and Linnea Kennedy

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Junior Zach Wong recently was chosen as the Boys State representative for Vandegrift and will be attending the Boys State conference over the summer at UT.

“I was and still am very honored to receive this nomination and am very excited to attend the Texas Boys State camp this summer,” Wong said.

Boys State is a national program that teaches students the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens.

Texas Boys State is an annual and prestigious educational program of government instruction for high schoolers in Texas,” Wong said. “It’s very exclusive and only one representative from each school in Texas is given a scholarship to attend this event.”

Each year, one junior is chosen to attend the program through a series of interviews by the Texas Boys State chairman to determine their character and leadership ability.

“The process to find representatives starts with the counselors and administration chooses a few boys who they believe to be leaders and good potential representatives of our school,” Wong said. “From there, the Texas Boys State chairmen came and visited Vandegrift to interview each one of those boys. The interview process basically allowed the chairmen to see what type of person and leader I was.”

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Student Zach Wong becomes Boys State representative