Dangerously Cute Self-Defense Seminar

Kate Schulte and Lane Williard

The girls soccer team organized a self defense seminar class this past Saturday.  The seminar addressed sexual assault, attempted rape and parking lot attacks. In order to attend the seminar, you had to purchase a $30 ticket.

“This was the eighth dangerously cute seminar,” said soccer coach Jen Hardy. “My father and sister help run the seminar and they attended the seminar.”

Ages 12 to 60 plus were welcome to attend the seminar.

“My favorite part of this seminar was having other soccer teams involved,” said Hardy. “The Westwood and Rouse soccer teams attended the event.”

The seminar was held in the main gym at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“I love that so many women were able to obtain the knowledge and skills they need to be able to defend themselves and discover a sense of inner strength,” said Hardy. “Everyone who attended learned basic punching, kicking and elbowing”

115 attended the seminar this past saturday.

“After learning the basics they participants were broken up into four groups,” said Hardy. “In the four groups specific tactics were taught such as what to do if they were being choked against a wall or if they were being bearhugged.”

The dangerously cute seminar was covered and on the local news channel this past weekend.

“We had men in suits acting out the attacks going full out on them, said Hardy.” “Each person got a chance to use the skills and knowledge they used on a ‘mock’ attack.”

According to nyc.againstrape.org one in four women will be sexual harassed in their lifetime.

“I believe after going through this program you will become more empowered, aware and present to their surroundings, said Hardy. “If something were to ever happen you would be very prepared and have a better understanding of what to do in an attack.”