Chamber Choir takes on Madrigal festival


Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

The chamber choir went to Madrigal festival left last Friday to perform at Madrigal festival. Madrigal Festival is a competition for chamber choirs and madrigal choirs. The chamber choir placed 4 out of 42 choirs around the state, also sang at multiple missions and the capital.

“My first Madrigal festival was my freshman year,” singer and junior Corbin King said. “I still think that was the best one, but it was so exciting to see all the different choirs, especially placing 4th.”

The choir has been preparing for madrigal festival for a few months. The choir has gone to madrigal festival for the past 7 years.

“It was the most amazing feeling,” singer in chamber choir, Madeline Smyser said. “This is my first year in choir and we did not expect to win, even though we really hoped to, it was just magical.”

The choir director, Micheal Feris used to compete in Madrigal festival when he was at Kingwood high school, so he wanted to give his students the same opportunity.

“We’ve done lots of performances and a lot of really challenging music,” Feris said. “This was the first competition this year and we actually placed and I am so proud.”

This is the 46 madrigal festival, but the first time choir has ever placed at the festival. Feris said that it is the equivalent of being the 4 best chamber choir in the state.

“How do I put this into a words,” singer Adam Newman said. “It didn’t seem possible, until now and we have a really great group and i’m actually at a loss for words”