Freshmen meet with parents during student led conferences

Jennifer Walker, Staff Reporter

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Freshman student led conferences are being held in the library today and tomorrow.

“I think they give students a chance to communicate with their parents if they don’t already,” Katie Zaza said. “It allows them to tell where they’re at with their grades and their GPA.”

During the conferences, students will go to the library and meet with their parents to show them everything they have done this school year.

“We’re expected to go into Naviance and show our parents everything we have done throughout the year,” freshman Samuel Abitzen said. “[We] show them how to calculate GPA, our class rank, and kind of show them what we plan to do in the future.”

Using Naviance allows students to think about their future by planning classes, signing up for college visits, and checking their GPA.

“We get to think about everything,” freshman Kayla Martinez said. “It helps us to try to find out what to do.”

These student led conferences shed some light into the future for freshmen.

“I have a little bit of a plan,” Zaza said. “There’s so many different areas I want to try, and there’s so many different things I want to do.”