Environmental Crusaders advocate for green


Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

Over the course of our planet’s history, there are a few earth shattering moments that stand out- the world was created 4.6 billion years ago, the first environmental statute was passed in 1899 and the Environmental Crusaders were created earlier this fall.

The Environmental Crusaders were created for the purpose of bringing awareness to environmental issues and are led by Renee Robinson and Isabella Melendez.

“The indoor air quality is really important,” president of the environmental crusaders, Melendez said. “And not only because it is the air we breathe. Perfumes, air fresheners and a lot of scents can cause asthma for kids and can be sensitive to kids with allergies. We should bring awareness to what the chemicals can do to our bodies.”

The club wants to make people aware of more than just indoor air pollution, they also want to inspire people to embark on a green way of life by recycling and composting.

“I am so passionate [about the environment],” Melendez said. “Because I think it is important to preserve our earth because we only have one and if we ruin it then there is no going back.”

Robinson is a new science teacher and a person who “lives life with the environment in mind,” is the sponsor of the environmental crusaders.

“She [Isabella] really wanted to raise awareness about the air quality,” Robinson said “So we sat down multiple times and talked in the beginning of the year and we both decided we were both really passionate about the environment. So, [we decided] why not just start an environmental club and we can focus on air quality, as well as raising awareness of different [environmental] issues.”

The clubs first meeting was three weeks ago, on Nov. 9 and was attended by eight people. The second meeting they had was two weeks ago on Dec. 2 and the attendance doubled.

“At first I didn’t really have a care for it,” senior Zainab Khan said. “But then my friend Isabella started talking to me about it more and it is nice to see someone so passionate about it [the environment]. And when someone is that passionate about it, it makes you want to join in and see their vision.”

The next meeting will be on Jan. 6 and will do hands on activities such as planting seeds for you to take home and for a garden in the classroom.