Vanguard 2016 to take place this weekend

Buy your tickets for the 2016 Vanguard Spring Show at

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Buy your tickets for the 2016 Vanguard Spring Show at

Emma-Rose Floyd and Alaina Galasso

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The Legacies will host their annual spring Vanguard show, titled “Capture This,” on April 15-16. There will be three showings, one on Friday at 7 p.m. and two more at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday. General admission tickets are $10 and reserved tickets are $15 and, although both can be purchased at the door, buying online tickets is recommended since the shows consecutively sell out every year.
“Personally the most exciting part of the show is seeing the costuming for each dance piece and showing our school and community all of the Legacy contest pieces we’ve been working on all year long,” Legacies Director Holly Lyons said. “Every year, my favorite part of the show is hearing the dancers’ friends and family cheer for them in the audience.”
The show will focus on photography, memories, and treasuring special moments in life. The choreography, costuming and props lend to the theme and help enhance. The show also puts the spotlight on parts of Austin.
“I think this is one of my favorite themes so far,” junior Legacy Maddie Cook-Saunders said. “The finale is my favorite dance because it has elements of a field routine and a jazz routine, it’s so much fun.”
During the show, the team will showcase the routines they took to competition along with dances specifically created with the theme in mind. Each officer choreographs a dance for their individual company to perform. Other numbers will include middle school dancers, the Vision Dance Company and Lyon’s dance classes. There are a few traditional numbers as well, including the colonel’s solo, the Honor Guard mashup and the senior’s lyrical dance.
“We have all worked hard during our practices and I know we are looking forward to seeing our hard work pay off,” senior Legacy Emily Garza said. “As a senior, spring show this year is going to be very special.”

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