From Hamlet to The Lion King

Seniors relate the two stories in class

Stephen King, Writer

While the freshmen have been reading Romeo and Juliet, the seniors in Katie Kendall’s on level English 4 class have been reading William Shakespeare’s equally famous play, Hamlet. Eventually, the seniors will be watching a Disney adaption with its own similar story, The Lion King.

“I think Hamlet is the most engaging story,” English teacher Katie Kendall said. “It’s about a struggling, troubled youth and I think that connects well with our seniors.”

As part of senior year, students read British literature, which include Shakespeare’s works. Hamlet is a tragedy about a troubled prince who experiences teen angst of his own kind. It is especially popular since young adult readers can relate to the main character, given that modern day teenagers also experience tough drama.

“I really like it,” senior Abbey Hoagland said. “You don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

After the students take a test over the book, they will watch The Lion King, which is similar because in terms of characters, Hamlet is Simba, King Hamlet is Mufasa, and King Claudius is Scar.

“I am not sure how it will relate to Hamlet,” Hoagland said. “But I am excited to find out.”