Teachers from France come to visit French classes

Stephen King, Writer

Vandegrift will receive two visitors, Nathalie Chollet and Delphine, two teachers from Lycée Charlotte Perriand in France, who will both be here from March 20-25.

“I am super excited,” French teacher Kelly Simon said. “We’ve been corresponding with them from their classes.”

French students from Vandegrift sent letters written in French to LCP students as they write back in English. Videos have also been sent back and forth to each other, including video tours of both schools.

“I’ve had a whole lot more communication than most of the other French classes,” AP French student and senior Laura Figi said. “It would be really good to have an international type of program.”

When the visitors arrive, they will meet French students, learn how they study the language and also learn what kind of projects they eventually will have to do.

“I’m hoping it improves their French,” Simon said. “But really they’re understanding the culture.”

Hopefully, once the visitors return home to France, they will both go back with good knowledge of our American culture and the French students in turn will have more knowledge of France.

“I think it’s great for them to see our culture and what we do,” French 2 student and junior Sydnee Williams said. “Austin is an amazing city so hopefully they’ll see many of the attractions.”