AP Biology classes start biggest project of the year

Emma-Rose Floyd, News Editor

Troy Bruce’s advanced placement biology classes are starting their genetics project, the most demanding project of the year. The project began on Jan 6, and is being conducted by third, fourth, fifth and sixth periods.

“I really like this project because it allows us to further our understanding of the material we recently learned,” senior Laine Leitao said. “By applying it to a hands on situation, we can actually see what we’ve been studying in action.”

For the assignment, the four classes are expected to grow plants with two different phenotypes and study how they mature, and cross them using bees to pollinate the plants. The classes will be expected to predict the genotypes of the plant’s offspring.

“I am looking forward to when the plants are fully grown, and I have no doubt mine will be the best,” senior Johnny Morreale said.

The project will be conducted throughout the semester and will encompass the classes’ entire first semester’s material.

“It’s a really interesting,” senior William Chan said. “We actually get to see how sunlight and the environment affects plants, and the genetic process behind it.”