Red Cross Club hosts annual blood drive

Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

The Red Cross Club hosted the third blood drive on Tuesday. The blood drive is held around the holidays because there is an increase in accidents around this time that requires a blood donation. There were over 50 participants this year and the club collected about 45 pints of blood. In most states you have to be 17 years old or older to donate, but can still donate as a 16-year-old if you have parental consent. You must also weigh more than 110 pounds.

“Why not do it, it’s there and it’s free. I think it’s kinda cool that my blood could be in someone else,” donator Wilson Chestney said. “I figured maybe it could save someone’s life, so why not.”

Since the blood drive is through the Red Cross Club, the blood is given to American Red Cross so it can be distributed nationally.

“I really like the club,” treasurer Ayesha Kayle said. “It’s really exciting because I want to go somewhere towards the medical field. So I think it is a really good experience to go through this type of stuff.”

The club plans to host another blood drive after Thanksgiving break next year.