Pre-Area choir auditions have resulted


Stephen King, Writer

The Pre-Area choir audition, the final round before the All-State audition, have concluded the top eight out of twelve students will represent Vandegrift High School among 20 other high schools. Here are the results:

Brooke Sanders

Ben Patriarca

Cami Everitt

Claire Carpenter

Corbin King

Hannah Barnard

Emily Banks

Ericka Myers

Even Welliver

“I’m really proud for all of them,” Corbin King said. “I worked really hard for it.”

The Vandegrift Choir had twelve students that competed and now nine of them will be advancing to the All State Audition in January. This choir has the most amount of students advancing to Area compared to other schools in the region.

“I was completely ecstatic,” Ben Patriarca said. “I wasn’t expecting to be in the top five.”

Emily Banks will be the first alternate, which means she may get called up to be a part of the Area auditions. The other four are Ben Patriarca, Cami Everitt, Corbin King, and Ericka Myers have been given first chair

“I feel really excited to move onto the next stage,” Ericka Myers said. “I’m really excited for everyone who made it. They all deserved it a lot.

The Vandegrift Choir also performed The Messiah on Dec. 4 after school for the Christmas Choir and all members were present.

“That was a lot of fun,” Cami Everitt said. “We go to sing The Messiah which is a really popular old Christmas song.