College fair coming to LISD

Zoe Dowley, Feature Editor

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LISD’s College Fair is returning for any parents and students who want to get to know more information about college, applying, financial aid and scholarships. Representatives from different colleges, universities, technical programs and military branches from all over the country will be there to give information for interested individuals and families.  The fair will be held on Oct. 21 from 6-8 p.m. at Vista Ridge High School.

“It’s a huge deal because many college representatives from all over the nation will be there for you,” transition coordinator Sarah Spradling said.

All high schools in the district have hosted the fair except Vandegrift due to only being a part of LISD for seven years and the small number of students who have attended previous fairs. The school itself is also too far away from all of the other high schools, along with Vandegrift’s new facility.

“I’d love for our school to host the fair, but since we are a smaller school, not many students have attended the past college fairs for us to host one,” Spradling said.

The event is aimed at freshmen and sophomores to talk more in depth with each college of their choice. Since it is fast paced, juniors and seniors might find that they do not have the time to learn about each college they are thinking of applying to.

“It’s a good informational experience,” senior Caroline McCrea said. “It helped me decide what colleges to apply to.”

Spradling suggests juniors and seniors should sign up in Naviance for college visits held on campus. When college representatives visit Vandegrift, juniors and seniors can have more time to talk and get more information about the specific college they are interested in.

“It’ll be great to explore all of the options available to me,” junior Sara Campbell said. “I think it’s a great way to bring people together to see all of the college representatives.”

To register for the upcoming college fair, go to and choose TACRAO. Students will receive a QR code that representatives are able to scan to receive information.

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