Eighth graders preview Vandegrift High School


Senior Hanna Brown guides incoming freshman through the halls

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

638 incoming freshman from Four Points Middle School and Canyon Ridge Middle School came and experienced Vandegrift High School for themselves during Viper Camp today.

“I’m most excited about getting to play sports,” eighth grader Connor Murphy said. “I’m looking forward to playing with new kids and getting to go to a new school and to meet new people.”

Current and future PALS guided small groups of middle schoolers all over the school, showing them important areas such as the gym, cafeteria and front office.

“I loved getting to show the middle schoolers around,” senior PAL Addie Benoit said. “It reminded me of how I was when I first came here, walking around and it being so confusing and it being scary but getting use to it so fast. They are the future of Vandegrift!”

The honchos explained and emphasized the importance of the school name and how Vandegrift was named after 1st Lieutenant Matthew Vandegrift and how he died for our country. They also introduce the importance of the school motto “Second To None” and how it will apply to them as they enter high school next year.

“I am so excited about trying new things,” eighth grader Elaina Eichorn said. “I’m also really excited to meet and make new friends and just getting to be in a bigger school that represents someone important.”