Early Graduation – Lots of Perks

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

As many people know, this year the seniors will be graduating on a Thursday. And not only on a Thursday, but at 8 a.m. on a Thursday morning, which is not exactly the ideal time for most of our relatives. However, despite my initial shock after hearing news I have thought of numerous reasons why getting graduation off to an early start can work in all of our favor.

THE DAY IS YOUNG-While an 8:00 start might seem extraordinarily early, it will feel awesome when the ceremonies over and you still have the whole day ahead of you. For many seniors this will be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family who flew in just to see you. Especially for those of us who will be attending project grad and might not get to see them later that night. Whether you go to a small family brunch or throw a huge graduation party and early ceremony guarantees us time to do almost anything!

PICTURE PERFECT- Graduation marks one of the biggest events in your life and I know that at least I want to remember it forever. Since we have a morning graduation it will be beautiful outside for pictures, opposed to if we had a night ceremony. While waking up early might seem like a pain at the time it will be well worth it when you have high quality pictures to show your children and grandchildren.

WE’RE FREE- Last and most certainly not least is the fact that we’ve been waiting for this moment for the past four years so why not do it as early as possible. While leaving high school might be scary it’s also super exciting and in my opinion the sooner I’ve graduated the sooner I can start my summer and the rest of my life