French AP students host environmental fair

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

The French IV class hosted an environmental fair outside the cafeteria on Dec. 15. AP French students chose different environmental topics and presented them to other French students.
“My project had to do with Agent Orange and I picked Agent Orange because it’s a devastating environmental catastrophe that happened over 40 years ago but still affects us today,” senior Farhan Sanouri said. “I learned the horrible effects of Agent Orange. The only way to truly get rid of it is to burn it off and even that releases its own deadly chemicals.”
The project was designed to prepare French students for the AP exam, which contains a lengthy speaking portion.
“The project exposed all the students from French I to IV to environmental issues facing our world today,” French teacher Kelly Simon said. “I wanted to make French IV more enjoyable and more fun because we do a lot of worksheets and test prep. I believe they learned a lot.”
All French students that attended the fair received five extra credit points on a quiz if they asked questions or commented on the presentations.
“Its really important to practice speaking French outside of class because you need to practice and it’s really important to immerse yourself culturally,” junior Laura Figi said.