Students to take Practice PSAT

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

The College Board has selected Vandegrift High School to pilot the redesigned PSAT on
Dec. 18. The test will take place after lunch. One hundred and fifty students will participate.
“The fact the Vandegrift was chosen to give this test says alot about the students at Vandegrift,” sophomore Parker Bond said. “It says that they’re top- notch and that this is a really competitive school.”
This test will allow students to practice skills needed on the actual PSAT and SAT.
“Sophomores really should be motivated as this will be their first glimpse into the SAT format that they will be taking in the spring of their junior year to use for college admissions – consider it a free practice test,” transition coordinator Sarah Spradling said.
The test is open to all students, grades 10th through 12th. All those that participate will receive a $25 gift card to the college board that can be applied to later AP or ACT/SAT tests.
“I think that this is so important because it gives you another look at the test,” sophomore Michael Zabbatimo said. “It allows you to see what’s happening with the test, if stuff is changing or staying the same. It just gives you a new perspective and allows you to do better on the real SAT.”