C2 collects money for Boot Campaign

Kevin Erm, Staff Writer

C2 collected money today during PIT for the Boot Campaign.The Boot Campaign is a nonprofit organization that’s goal is to support families of active duty solider.

“It’s important to give back to military institutions,” senior Lauren Conroy, C2 platinum member said. “To give back to the legacy of our school.”

The Boot Campaign was founded in 2009 by five Texas women who wanted to make an organization as an easy and tangible way for one to show their patriotism by buying boots.

“This is the first year C2 is working with Boot Campaign,” Conroy said. Our goal is $1000.”

C2 choose The Boot Campaign this year as a part of their yearlong theme, soldiers for kindness.

“We always choose a non-profit organization to work and donate to each year,” Mrs. Gallagher said. “So we decided this year to a military organization and our C2 officer’s voted on Boot Campaign.”

Students participated today during PIT and during lunch by donating money in support of Boot Campaign, doing the pull up challenge during lunch or by wearing boots showing support of the drive.

“I gave all my quarters and change for the troops,” junior Kate Murphy said. “It was a good way to give back to the troops and get rid of my change.”

For more information about Boot campaign visit their website http://www.bootcampaign.com/