Anatomy and Physiology classes create skeletons

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

Anatomy and Physiology classes are constructing skeletons as part of their bone unit.
“This project gives us a visual representation of what we’re learning,” senior Madison Collins said. “We have to know the bones, so putting them together in groups helps us to better understand how the skeleton works.”
Each class was divided into groups and each group was assigned a different part of the skeleton to construct. Then, all the bones were put together to build the skeleton.
“We [my group] got the legs and the pelvis,” senior Jonathan Broughton said. “We used paper mache to build them by taking glue and paper and wrapping it around wire. It was really cool because I had never done paper mache before.”
On Friday, the skeletons from all the Anatomy and Physiology classes will be judged by the faculty. The winning class earns bragging rights.
“This project gave me a better understanding of the entire human body and that’s what Anatomy is,” junior Alec LaPlace said. “I really enjoyed the project and I think it will help me on the test.”