Spanish 4 AP classes hold a health fair at school lunches


Vanessa Recinos

Alaina Galasso, Opinions Editor

The Spanish 4 AP classes held a health fair (Feria de Salud) during A, B and C lunches on Wednesday and Thursday. The students created posters about concerns, factors and solutions for health issues such as stress, depression, obesity and drugs.

“I wanted students to spend some time thinking about health issues in contemporary life (mental and physical),” Spanish 4 AP teacher Ms. Swann said.  “I also really wanted the different levels of Spanish to interact together, taking Spanish outside the classroom and really seeing that they are a community of language learners.”

The students gave out papers with information about their health concern. Swann also gave bonus points to any Spanish student who came by and interacted in Spanish.

“I liked how other people got to experience Spanish culture,” sophomore Spanish 4 AP student Vanessa Recinos said. “I got to interact with other people and share my knowledge.”

Swann aimed for the students to not only learn about a specific topic, but also to think about their own health habits and how they could improve to be healthier. The entire project was done in the in their Spanish classes to help the students become better at expressing themselves in the language.

“They really put effort into it and also seemed to enjoy it, which was the best part,” Swann said. “It was so awesome to see them interacting in Spanish with their peers, using the language for real communication. I’m so proud of them.”