Librarian explains importance of signing in

Junior Katie Buschang signs into the library during lunch.

Stephen King photo

Junior Katie Buschang signs into the library during lunch.

Stephen King, Writer

Students have always had to sign in on the computer at the library’s entrance. The purpose of having students sign in is so that the school knows how many people visit the library. Last year there were over 98,000 visits. The sign in process also helps keep track of where students are in case a teacher or administer needs to find them.

Librarian Zandra Lopez sees signing in as a very simple task for everyone.  Signing into the library has changed a little since last year because when a student signs in now they no longer have to select their purpose.

“You just put your number in and hit enter,” Lopez said. “A lot of the kids weren’t being truthful about that [why they were there]. We really just need to know that they’re in here.”

Students often react to having to sign in negatively, but the numbers collected help the library in many ways. The library assistant, Danielle Sullivan, is a big part of the process. Her job is to watch the circulation desk, make sure students sign in and be available to help Lopez.

“I can’t lose Ms. Sullivan,” Lopez said. “I need her and when students are signing in, we’re showing the district valuable numbers like actual numbers of the amount of students that walk into the library every day.”

The numbers help keep an assistant in the library. The numbers show the district the library needs another person to help manage it since Lopez is often out teaching and needs someone in her place in the library.

“I do my best to help them and there’s a lot of things that I know,” Sullivan said. “There are a lot of problems that are common and there are things that I can fix.”