C2 to attend LISD Forum

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

Eighty-one C2 members will attend the C2 fall forum tomorrow at Leander High School.
“Its important to attend these events because it important to realize that we’re not alone,” C2 sponsor Amy Gallagher said. “The things we see in our hallways are the same things high schools all over see. It allows us to see that we all have a common cause of creating a culture of kindness on our campus.”
While at Leander, students will participate in teambuilding activities, listen to guest speakers and interact with students from other high schools.
“A problem here is that a lot of other schools see us as a little snobby,”platinum C2 member Hannah Brown said. “I think the forums are a great way to show other high schools who we are and that most of our population is similar to them.”
The goal of this forum is to promote a culture of kindness throughout Leander ISD and to allow different C2 clubs to share ideas.
“Its a great way to show other schools what you’re doing,” platinum C2 member Lauren Conroy said. “For example, at Vandegrift, we don’t have the plain yellow t-shirt with the plain theme. When we go we show other schools our t-shirt themes for the year.”
The forum is open to all C2 members and it is free.