Preveiw: C2 joins boot campaign for veteran’s day

Preveiw: C2 joins boot campaign for veteran's day

Emma-Rose Floyd, News Editor


This Veteran’s Day, C-squared has decided to collaborate with The Boot Campaign and raise money for veterans. They will be selling red tee-shirts for the event on the Vandegrift website’s fundraiser page. The shirts will be sold until Nov. 11.

“I think this fundraiser is awesome. This year our theme is ‘soldiers for kindness’, it goes perfectly with what we try to portray through C squared,”club sponsor Amy Gallagher said.

The Boot Campaign is a non-profit organization that helps and creates awareness for military veterans and their families. The company was established in 2009 by five Texans, known as the Original Boot Girls, as a way to show gratitude toward those who serve.

“The Boot Campaign is a wonderful way for people to earn more respect for, and be reminded of the veterans who help protect our way of life,” junior and C2 member Jacqueline Kotlarz said.