New businesses come to Steiner Ranch

Maggie Talbot , Staff Writer

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Shop is scheduled to open up soon in Steiner Ranch.

The new Steiner Ranch shopping area, Quinlan Crossing, is welcoming an onslaught of new businesses in 2013. The most recent addition is Menchie’s, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. Opening late this Winter, Vandegrift students are anxiously awaiting the new froyo shop.

I am so excited about the new frozen yogurt shop. I’ve always loved frozen yogurt more than ice cream, and there aren’t enough frozen yogurt shops close enough to me. I can’t wait,” junior Ryan Shalosky said.

Menchie’s is a new job opportunity that many students are taking advantage of. Senior Lucas Cramer will be working with several other fellow Vandegrift students as members of the Menchie’s staff.

“I think it’s going to be fun working at a new business right in the neighborhood. They really want to strive on customer service,” Cramer said.

Junior Hayley Richburg will also be a “Mench,” or a Menchie’s team member. A “Mench” is a person of honor and dignity, according to the store.

I wanted to work at Menchie’s because of how much I love interacting with different people and sharing our love for frozen yogurt. The owners are the sweetest people and I cannot wait to work with them,” Richburg said.

The community is keeping up with the business through Facebook, following pictures of the construction progress, and speculating about the flavors that will be available. Menchie’s offers flavors from cinnamon roll to lemon Greek yogurt, giving everybody an option.

“I hope they have cake batter flavored yogurt,” sophomore Victoria Brown said.

Students and members of the Steiner Ranch community are excited for the new expansions in the neighborhood. Resolute Fitness recently opened in the Quinlan Crossing shopping center and Zack’s American Bistro will be up and running later this season.

“I think it’s great that they are finally starting to expand Steiner Ranch even more. Having places such as Randall’s makes things so much more convenient,” senior Megan Hall said. “It also provides the community with more options for people to do.”