Legacies prepare for competition

Ramie Ruble, Opinions Editor

In preparation for their first competition of the season, the Legacies are putting in extra hours and hard work. The Lone Star State Championship will take place on Feb. 16 at McNeil High School.

“We are getting ready for Nationals. Bringing everyone to compete as a team is huge,” Colonel Brittany Le said.

The Legacies are a competition team bringing three team dances, three officer dances, five ensemble dances and many solos and duets to the competition. The Legacies will compete in the Ensemble and Solo divisions, and will take 11 group dances and 15 solos total to the contest.

“This is a state level competition and many of the top Austin teams will be competing at this venue,” Director Holly Lyons said.

To prepare, the Legacies are rehearsing for longer hours than usual for the next month. After the state level competition, the team will travel to Denton for their first ever national competition.

“All the hard work we are putting in will continue to pay off at the following contests,” Lyons said. “The team bond becomes stronger than ever and we reach our true potential. The girls get rewarded for their hard work.”

Another competition they will be competing in is the Alamo Dance Classic at Wagner High School on March 2. They will incorporate what they learned from this first events while at the Alamo Dance Classic.

“We have a new intense level to set the standard for what we want to work on,” senior Legacy Megan Hall said. “We all love to compete and work together.”