Trail of Lights returns to Zilker Park

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

For the last two years the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park has been a no show, but this year it’s back and better than ever with new attractions.

“The Trail of Lights is something that I always looked forward to going to when I was in town for Christmas,” sophomore Jordyn Kanak said. “I’m so glad they are doing it again.”

The trail will officially be open on Dec. 16-23. The park will include countless performances for different themed nights and local vendors will be set up for food and drinks.

The Trail of Lights has been operating at Zilker Park since 1965 and was called “Yule Fest,” until 1992 when it officially became the Trail of Lights.

In years past over 250,000 people have come to this free event to enjoy the show and this year is expected to be no different.

“This is a fun event to go to with your family and a festive event for the Austin community,” sophomore Will Fox said.

Corporations such as Run-Tex and H-E-B are responsible for funding the trail of lights and for supplying a majority of the workers.

H-E-B has decided to try out a new education motivation program by giving every child that attends the trail of lights a free book in hopes that the child’s parents will read it to them.

Run-Tex will be having a 5K run opening night through the trail for all the runners out there.

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