Choir prepares for Christmas concert

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

While most students are cramming for their finals, the Vandegrift choir program is preparing for their Christmas concert. On Dec. 18 all the choirs at Vandegrift will host a free concert from 6:00- 8:15 pm in the PAC.


Vandegrift choir is made up of a few smaller choirs who have all been preparing for this showcase for quite some time now. Some girls sing with more than one choir and had to learn up to fourteen songs.

“I’m in chamber and varsity,” sophomore Kelly Honts said. “Chamber has been working on their music since the end of October and varsity has been working on theirs since the beginning of November.”

The choir program has been working for multiple months on learning their music to make the performance the best that they can. Instead of using spot lights, the choir decided to try something new and make the concert candle lit.

“All the choirs will be on stage and turn on their electric candle when their choir sings,” Honts said.

The choir has never done something like this before and it will be a new experience for many of the choir members.

“We are doing like a processional thing. I think it will go good it’s something different,” sophomore Alex Myers said.

Along with their performance the choir will be hosting a silent auction.

“I’m really excited for the silent auction,” sophomore Kathryn Olsen said, “Each class is responsible for a different basket. My class is candy themed.”