Holiday Spirit Fills Viper Fall Fundraisers

Maggie Talbot, Staff Writer

Vandegrift clubs and organizations are celebrating their holiday spirit with their fall fundraisers. These organizations are looking to gain funds to support the upcoming spring seasons and events.

Viper theatre will be selling honeybaked hams, turkeys, and coffee cake until November 12th to support the upcoming musical Bye Bye Birdie. Items can be bought Wednesdays after school in the cafeteria, or at

            “People should buy these Hams because one, they’re delicious; two, our musical this year is incredible, and we need the help;  three, why make your own ham this year when you can save time and energy buying one that’s been made by professionals,” junior drama club president Olson Kelly said.

            Also in the holiday spirit, the agriculture department recently sold poinsettia flowers. The proceeds went to help students gain agricultural certification.

            “The money is going to help certify kids so that they will be able to use tools and compete,” agricultural director Mrs. Hunt said.

            The robotics team is in need of monetary support for their upcoming competition season. The team has exploded in size, and needs funds to support their growth. They are currently looking for sponsors.

            “Because of the success last year, we have five teams we need to support this year, so our funds are really low,” senior mobile application developer Denise Bui said.